Boiling Blood Into Wine

There are few things that get my blood boiling as hard as when I discover that someone, particularly someone who I trust and love, has been lying to me. I’m sure that there are many reasons why I have such a deep love for the truth, not the least of which being the fact that for most of my childhood, my life was controlled by others lies. Suffice it to say that you will always receive more respect from me if you are honest with others and honest with yourself.

I’m going to break here for a minute and just say that I am a loving person. I’m forgiving and I will give someone the benefit of EVERY doubt, every.single.time.
I’m not a judgemental person. I prefer to leave that part of life to Heavenly Father, instead, I choose to focus on being more like the Savior. He is merciful and kind and He has lifted me out of the depths of agony that my life used to be. So when my blood boils, eventually that anger melts into something that I imagine one may feel after drinking a glass of wine, but only after looking at the situation through the Saviors eyes. (I say I imagine because I don’t actually drink wine. But if I did……j/k)
What had my blood boiling tonight? Well, would it surprise you that it’s connected to my last post in which my blood boiled right over into a blog/rant? Life coaching. Again! See, the last time I blogged about this it was because of someone who joined a support group filled with fragile abuse survivors, with the sole purpose of gaining clients. Tonight, my post is because of someone who joined the group, promised to not seek clients, swore she was only there to offer support to women and then triggered so many of those women that I was forced to remove her from the group. She then promptly told me that now that she wasn’t a member of the group anymore she would use those group contacts to make money in her life-coaching business. She was manipulative and dishonest and I’m so mad at myself for, what, being so busy that I didn’t catch her sooner? Sigh……calming down.
So here’s my suggestion folks – Make the choice to not be calculating, manipulative and outright dishonest. Find the courage to be yourself in a honest way! Live life unapologetically, with a smile on your face, because eventually, your lies will catch up with you, you won’t sleep well, you’ll be constantly checking over your shoulder, your hair will fall out and then……BOOM!
Tell the TRUTH
Peace out. I’m off to bed and just in case you were wondering, I’ll be sleeping like a baby! – Nicole

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